Wintertime? Really an advantage for us, not a harm

There are many good points to be noticed in winter-time.

The winter-time is time for...

Planning time for spring sowing: while enjoying the preserved pastries of the previous growing season, you can think about how much and what to grow next year. Did you harvest something too much last year and the area should be used for something else next year? What do you would like to get more?

Enjoying the harvest of the previous growing season, remembering the fragrance of the summer.

Reading gardening books...

And especially preparing for the soil improvement of the vegetable garden ...

You can collect all the winter ashes and in the spring to help the country warm up with it, and improve the country's structure and nutrient levels. In the use of ash, particular attention must be paid to the fact that the burnt wood must be untreated and that no debris should have been used as a fire.

Winter-time compost is like "turboboosting" for microbial activity in the spring.

The frost of the winter helps to crush the soil by breaking large dumbling. The change is not permanent unless you take care of the soil's structure in the future. You can read more about maintaining the soil structure in the country's structural section. (unfortunately so far in Finnish only, but it can be translated by translate button)

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  1. ...and it's the time for reading some gardening blogs... 😁

  2. That is absolutely one of the most important thing... 🤣🤣🤣


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